How to conquer the Google Shopping Feed with Customized Products: Plan.Net Performance & madeone

One of the greatest challenges for companies in the area of customization with regard to their visibility, is the allocation of qualitative product data in order to use digital marketing channels and platforms.

Therefore, we teamed up with Plan.Net Performance, a special agency for campaign management in Munich, and developed a revolutionary approach towards Google Shopping for customized products. This approach enabled the placement of the products from our own Customization Business with a strongly increased visibility and interconnected predominance for all relevant search request within individualized safety helmets. The collaboration with the experts from Plan.Net Performance is based upon the data source from our 3D product configurator and the e-commerce shop system. Jointly and because of the possibilities of customization, we found a way to bring a scalable, virtual assortment into a highquality product feed. This product feed can be processed without any difficulty by Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), even though the products in the chosen design and color combination only exist virtually before being ordered.

The madeone Custom Lister is a software solution developed by madeone. The generated data feed comes along with several advantages: It enables a dominant visibility for relevant search requests and product categories as well as a differentiated scalability. This way, the quality of shopping ads is improved on the one hand and a more efficient delivery is enabled on the other hand. Combined with an intelligent targeting, certain product features are located and provided with a CPC command as the definition of keywords becomes redundant. By using this method, more efficient and effective bidding strategies can be derived.

By combining a data feed with innovative command strategies under the objective of reproducing a virtual product variety, we developed together with Plan.Net Performance a unique way to successfully place an automatically generated assortment in the most important distribution channel: search. Consequently, search results can be dominated with a manageable budget input. Thus, this approach can convince companies and service providers in the area of customization regarding visibility, quality and costs.




In my opinion, the solution from madeone is exceptional and I can only recommend every company that has a product configurator on their website, to give this solution a try.

Thomas Gässler, CEO Plan.Net Performance

“We are excited about the collaboration with one of the most successful digital agencies and we are proud of the result which we could already implement successfully for the marketing measures of, our own customization business model for individualized helmets. The possibility of offering an endless, virtual assortment through customization service in combination with our software-solution in order to generate a high-quality product feed, provides companies with a critical competitive advantage by increasing their visibility in the product search significantly.”, Christian Möhring, CEO of madeone.

In the future, the madeone Custom Lister will be developed further and made accessible for other companies and brands with a focus on the customization business as a part of the strategic partnership between Plan.Net Performance and madeone.

About Plan.Net Group:

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